Archana Kamal

Assistant Professor in Physics
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Archana Kamal

Dr. Archana Kamal is a professor in Physics and Applied Physics at University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML), where she leads the Quantum Engineering Science and Technology (QUEST) group. Her research focus is quantum information processing and quantum engineering in low-dimensional systems. She has pioneered the concept of ‘magnet-free, quantum-limited nonreciprocity’, which is recognized as a crucial ingredient for on-chip quantum signal processing and amplification. During both her doctoral and postdoctoral tenure, Kamal worked at the interface of theoretical and experimental aspects of superconducting quantum circuits, enabling new design principles for scalable and high-coherence qubit designs and high- efficiency protocols for reading out quantum information. Dr. Kamal completed her undergraduate education in New Delhi, India. She obtained her M.Phil and Ph.D. degree in Physics from Yale University (2013), and pursued postdoctoral research at MIT (2013-2016) before joining UML.

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